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Heavy-Duty Lubricants

Vehicles that are exposed to intense use, extra heavy loads, and higher temperatures have unique requirements that can only be met by specialized oil products made for your commercial fleet. These lubricants are designed with a different composition from regular engine oil, so they can provide heavy-duty protection to the engines from the constant extreme conditions faced in the commercial industry.

  • Heavy-Duty Motor Oils

    Heavy-Duty oil lubricants are engineered to protect the engine of diesel-powered trucks and related operating equipment. The HDDEOs (abbreviation of Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils) work to maintain and extend the longevity of the vehicle’s components by reducing the damage caused by wear, diesel soot, and ring sticking while also optimizing fuel economy.

    Heavy-duty lubricants for commercial fleets, trucks, and equipment can be of two different types:

    • Synthetic Blend Oil
    • Full Synthetic Oil
  • Heavy-Duty Transmission Fluids

    The automatic transmissions in trucks and buses require heavy-duty lubrication to protect them from the wear of sustaining intense service conditions while preserving proper shift functioning. Heavy-Duty Transmission Fluids offer resistance to rust and corrosion, allows a smooth transmission performance, and work as a thermal stabilizer to handle both high and low temperatures without sludge, glazing, or deposits forming.

  • Heavy Duty Gear Oils

    The drivetrains of trucks and busses belonging to a commercial fleet require specialized lubricants that can withstand extreme pressure and weight. Heavy-duty gear oils offer high-performance lubrication that boosts the system’s efficiency while protecting the components from shock and reducing the risks of damage and downtime in multiple circumstances.

  • Heavy-Duty Greases

    These greases use an oil base mixed with thickener agents and heavy-duty additives to form a multipurpose lubricant that will perform consistently under extreme pressure and weight. Heavy-duty greases can be applied to different components of the vehicle to protect them from wear by reducing friction under heavy loads, prevent corrosion and rust occurrence, and offer temperature control.

  • Hydraulic Fluids

    Essential for hydraulically operated systems, hydraulic fluids allow energy transmission so the components can move and function properly. They also provide lubrication to the metal parts to reduce friction and wear, act as a coolant agent, and prevent corrosion and rust from damaging the surfaces.

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

    This solution based on urea and de-ionized water is applied through injection over the exhaust streams from diesel-powered vehicles to decompose toxic nitrogen oxides emissions (NOx) into water and nitrogen. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is used to feed Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, a technology that implements a catalyst to transform the dangerous emissions caused by diesel engines into harmless byproducts. These systems can be found in diesel models from 2010 and onwards.

The industry of commercial transport and heavy-duty vehicles requires highly efficient solutions that last. If you’re looking for the best lubricants for your commercial fleet or equipment, you’re looking for Chesapeake Petroleum & Supply. We are providers of excellent lubrication products and services, with 60 years of vast experience in the field. Head to our contact page to find out more.

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